Controller Upgrade
Controller upgrade

Most machines are not subject to high levels of wear and so remain serviceable for many years. Software, control systems and sensors however can become outdated as new, faster and more capable ones are introduced. Bespoke Machines Ltd work closely with  TRM International to retrofit their controllers onto old but mechanically sound production machines. Before making a commitment, manufacturers must determine if they can meet their needs using existing equipment with a simple, more cost-effective control system upgrade.


TRM International
upgrading controls

TRM specilises in Automation and Control systems for a variety of industries. Their controllers and software are all designed in house and manufactured in the UK. Programming is easily achieved with MAP, their own Motion Application Program that runs on all their controllers. Invented in 1996 as a basic positioning system, it has come a long way since and now has many advanced features to enable quick program creation without the need for days spent on training courses. Programming is performed through the controller so there is no need for laptops.

Alternatively, Bespoke Machines Ltd will programme your machine for you to have a turn key solution.

retro fit controller

These multi-axis controllers are based on high speed embedded microprocessors and come with built in

  • 32 I/O
  • Motion control
  • Large memory for storing programs
  • A range of communication standards
  • Program backup facilities
  • Industrial Keypad
  • Colour LCD display


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