Other Equipment Examples

Spring Loaded Hoppers
mobile spring loaded component hoppers

Spring loaded hoppers manufactured to ensure that the top set of components are always at a constant height, thus optimising operator efficiency. The hoppers are made mobile to form part of an internal kanban system which is essential for just in time manufacturing. They work in a similar manor to plate dispensers in a carvery where the top plate is always presented at the same height.

For a video our machines follow this link to YouTube.

Kanban Kit Boxes
aerospace kanban box for gearbox production

Containers with foam inserts cut to support components. Designed to hold a kit of parts so that 1 box (or a set of boxes) holds the bespoke components required to manufacture a single unit. Used predominantly in low volume assembly or in external kanban systems to promote just in time manufacturing.

For a video our machines follow this link to YouTube.


Extra Long Bar Feeder
bar feeder for up to 8 metre long tubes

Special Purpose Bar Feeder for feeding steel and aluminium tubes. This feeder was for tubes 8.1 metres long but the design would also work of other tube lengths.

It was designed like a gatling gun whereby the tubes were loaded to a series of discs with cut-outs so that the unit could hold up to 50 tubes 50mm diameter. We can make your feeder to suit any number of your bars or tubes.

For a video of this and other of our machines follow this link to YouTube.


Retro Fitting Servo Systems
Servo motor system - control cabinet

Most machines are not subject to high levels of wear and so remain serviceable for many years. Software, control systems and sensors however can become outdated as new, faster and more capable ones are introduced. Bespoke Machines Ltd work closely with  TRM International to retrofit their controllers onto old but mechanically sound production machines. Before making a commitment, manufacturers must determine if they can meet their needs using existing equipment with a simple, more cost-effective control system upgrade.

For a video of our machines follow this link to YouTube.

Glass Bending Machine
glass tube bending machine

A machine to assist in the bending of glass tubes, this machine magazine fed the tubes into a pair of rollers over a gass flame to heat the glass while it rotated. On reaching the optimum temperature it ejected the glass onto a sloping table where an operator formed it over a series of pegs.

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