Assembly Machine Examples

Fin Winding Machine
Heater Element with Cooling Fin

This machine winds a cooling fin around heater elements to disipate the heat from the element into the atmosphere. The length of the heater and the pitch of the fins are selectable from the controller to give maximum production flexability. The whole machine is guarded through light guards to allow the operator maximum freedom to load and unload the product whilst maintaining high safety standards.

A video of this and other Bespoke Machines can be seen by following this link  YouTube.

Pneumatic Assembly Press
Assembly press for guard switches

Pneumatic presses are compact and can be bench mounted as part of an assembly line doing simple assembly operations or punching holes in materials. 

This example is of a special purpose assembly press for assembling safety switches. The component is placed in the drawer by the operator who pushes it closed to start the automatic cycle consisting of two press strokes. The component is repositioned between strokes and a probe is automatically inserted in the switch to adjust the internal contact positions.

The drawer opens automatically at the end of cycle for operator access and to remove the product.

For a video of our machines follow this link to YouTube.

Picture and Frame Assembly
Canvas and frame assembly machine

A canvas stretching machine for securing picture canvases to picture frames. This assembly machine wraps canvas around a wooden frame and keeps it under tension for an operator to then staple the two together. The quality of the assembly is improved because the tension is controlled and consistant. The assembly time is dramatically reduced and there is a significant saving in floor space. A significant reduction in the risk to the operator of repetitive strain injury (RSI) is also a deciding factor in our client choosing to purchase this machine.

For a video of our machines follow this link to YouTube.

Scaffold Batten Assembly
Scaffolding batten assembly machine

A special purpose assembly machine for forming and nailing steel bands to protect the end of wooden scaffolding battens.

The operator locates a metal band into the machine and feeds the batten between two pinch rollers. The batten feeds forward forming the band around its end, on reaching a stop seven nail guns secure the band in position. The rollers reverse ejecting the batten which is turned round to repeat the process at the other end.

 For a video of our machines follow this link to YouTube.

Tape Aplication Machine
Automatic flat tape applicator

The hinge on a boxfile is reinforced using adhesive tape on both sides. The first tape is automatically applied by the special purpose tape assembly machine. The ends of the tape are purposly cut longer than the board which are then wrapped round the leading and trailing edges. The second is applied to the inside covering the ends of the former tape. This assembly machine was manufactured to apply the tapes automatically by being integrated with the machines at the previous operations.

For a video of our machines follow this link to YouTube.

Boxfile Assembly Machine
Box file component assembly machine

Previously the lid catch components and pull tab were each assembled to a box file in separate operations. We manufactured a special purpose assembly machine to assemble all three components in one operation thus reducing labour cost and floor space. The operator would load the boxfile to the machine and fit the pull tab as normal, however, the other two components would be fitted automatically at the same time.

For a video of our machines follow this link to YouTube.

Window Sash Cramping Machine
Wooden window frame automatic cramping machine

A special purpose machine for cramping and nailing window sashes.  The operator pre-assembled the glued components to form sashes and loaded them on a conveyor. The size of the sash was automatically detected by the machine which then sets itself to suit the sash. It would then stop and cramp the sash square and nail each corner through the joint in such a position that it would not normally be noticed by the end user. The sash would then pass through the machine to the next operation.

For a video of this and other of our machines follow this link to YouTube.

Capacitor Winding Machine

This machine was manufactured to wind large diameter capacitors used typically in high power facilities. It was required to wind a variety of capacitors with different numbers of turns of the dialetric material. This material tends to track diferently at diferent speeds so winding at constant linear speeds is important for manufacturing flat faced capacitors. The servo motors were selected to wind the capacitors at a constant linear rate giving a consistant product at a rate 2 to 5 times faster than other machines.

For a video of this and other of our machines follow this link to YouTube.

Spring Tensioner for Roller Blind Springs
spring tensioner device

A company making industrial roller blinds required a setting machine for applying pre-tension to torsion springs. This automatic setting machine twists a spring mechanism for a roller blind assembly company. Large roller blinds require more pre-tension than smaller ones. The operator inputs the number of turns required for each blind. The machine automatically twists the spring as programmed and locks it ready for assembly into the blind.

 For a video of our machines follow this link to YouTube.

Glass fusion and ending machines

A machine designed to automatically fuse a glass electrode to a neon light element. In this case the weld needed to be hollow to allow a continuous gass path between electrodes.

The first machine is loaded with a glass tube or electrode to heat and seal the end. A second machine heats both the tube and electrode to form hot spots. Thease are formed into funnels which are then fused together to produce one end of the finished product.

 For a video of our machines follow this link to YouTube.

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